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Hello Direct Corporate Accounts
Special products, special treatment.
Hello Direct Corporate Accounts

Better information

If you've ever bought something that was manufactured here, assembled there, warehoused somewhere or other, and sold by people who'd never actually seen or used it, you know why business people appreciate Hello Direct Corporate Accounts. You get your own Account Executive. You get direct access and his or her undivided attention, as well as a willingness to research your needs thoroughly. You get timely and complete information whenever you need it.

Better assurance

The Hello Direct 30-day money-back guarantee is your assurance that the solutions we provide will meet your needs. It's truly a risk-free way for you to be sure.

Better pricing

Contact your Hello Direct Corporate Account Executive at or 1-888-208-0102 for preferred pricing, volume discounts for volume purchases, and special Corporate Account offers. Preferred pricing is available today on your first order rather than somewhere down the road.

Better technical support

Between your Corporate Account Executive and our dedicated Technical Support Department, you'll always find a seasoned expert to solve complicated telephone compatibility problems. When you've got highly technical questions, just e-mail or dial 1-888-208-0102 toll free.

Better replacement policy

If you ever encounter a problem with a Hello Direct product that can't be solved over the phone, we'll send you a replacement by overnight delivery even before you send your product back! After all, you've got a business to run.

Hello. We're Hello Direct Corporate Accounts. You've browsed our Web site,, and may have seen our catalog. Both deliver smart telephony solutions to individuals and small businesses. Hello Direct Corporate Accounts makes desktop and advanced telephony solutions more accessible to medium and larger businesses—yours, perhaps.

Which components work with which others? Is this brand reliable? Is that brand a good value? Does it work with digital or analog lines? Are you getting volume discounts or paying premium prices? What about warranties and technical support? Will your supplier still be here five years from now?

These are the same questions our customers—you, for example—ask us every day.

Hello Direct Corporate Accounts specializes in answers to these and all your other questions.

To find out how you can qualify for participation in the Hello Direct Corporate Accounts program, please click here and complete the short form.
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