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Hello Direct: Company Info - online partners
August 11, 2020 Online Partners partners with quality companies that offer our products on their web sites or that has contracted with to provide services to our customers. These companies include:

LinkShare Corporation
LinkShare is the leading provider of software and services to manage performance-based marketing initiatives online. LinkShare is also the exclusive affiliate marketing solution provider for Combining patented technology, the reach and distribution of a robust network, and expert account management services, LinkShare empowers clients with the ability to collaborate with partners online and develop cost-efficient pay-for-performance campaigns. LinkShare facilitates these partnerships across multiple channels, providing the most sophisticated affiliate marketing platform, tools, and reporting to help clients acquire new customers, increase revenues, drive results, and measure success. LinkShare clients include Fortune 500 and other leading companies such as OfficeMax, J.C. Penney,, AT&T, American Express, Avon Products and Dell Computer.

Altura International
Altura International builds and manages custom online shopping malls for the largest web portals, affinity sites, closed-community organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. Altura also specializes in implementing custom online stores for major merchants in the mail order and online catalog businesses. Their major portal partners include AOL, Yahoo!, iVillage, CBS Sportsline, ishopExcel™, Lycos, Quixtar™, as well as their flagship mall, The Altura Network provides access to over 500 established name brand merchants and more than 350,000 products. Their merchant partners include Hello Direct, The Sharper Image, Lerner, Harry and David, J. Jill, Blair, Neiman Marcus, Bombay, Hammacher Schlemmer and many others. Their proprietary e-commerce Altura Merchant Operation System (AMOS) technology offers millions of shoppers easy access to the world's best products.
Overture, formerly GoTo, is the internet's leading Pay-For-Performance™ search provider. The company was created in 1997 in response to three fundamental problems it perceived with internet search, including poor quality results, random ordering of listings and a weak advertising revenue model. Overture solves these problems by working directly with businesses to ensure relevant and up-to-date listings, and by creating a real-time market for consumer attention based on advertiser bidding. In addition, Overture's performance-based model has proven to be extremely effective in monetizing internet search and has emerged as the next frontier in online advertising. provides consumers with a list of carefully selected vendor sites. allows customers to compare prices, vendor information, and additional features to make their shopping experience easier and more efficient. Their customers have instant access to over 170 vendors and over one million products. The network is comprised of six individual sites:,,,, and
MPA Media is a multi-media company that specializes in the alternative health care industry. MPA produces the most widely read publications for the chiropractic (Dynamic Chiropractic), acupuncture (Acupuncture Today) massage and spa (Massage Today) communities. In addition, MPA manages web sites for each publication, as well as virtual shopping malls for each profession and the most complete mailing lists available in the industry. It manages and promotes seminars, conventions, shows and events. A growing part of MPAmedia’s effort involves educating and informing consumers about the benefits of various forms of alternative care. This is accomplished through print newsletters, e-mail newsletters and specific sections of their web sites. began providing free intranets to businesses and organizations via the web in August 1999. But the company's roots go back to 1996, when it was founded as a provider of top-tier intranet software. After winning several industry awards for the product, we developed a powerful internet application for our intranet technology, and added advertising space and business services to the interface.
Donate a Phone!
The Donate a Phone campaign is part of the CALL to PROTECT program, a national initiative sponsored by the Wireless Foundation, Motorola, and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. For more information on the Donate a Phone campaign, call 1-888-901-SAFE or visit
Realize Software
Realize Software develops interactive speech software and solutions that make the computer experience more productive and enjoyable. The Realize Voice family of command and control applications provides an unprecedented level of configurability and extensibility to control Windows, applications, browse the web, and access contact information through your voice. The software, which is extremely accurate and does not require training, enhances productivity while complimenting the keyboard and mouse to help prevent repetitive stress injuries (such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). The Realize Voice Dialer hardware provides a unique solution for voice dialing that combines the software with high-quality hardware from GN Netcom.
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