What's KSU-less?

A KSU-less phone is the easy way to get a mega-featured, multi-extension system. It lets you conference, transfer, hold and intercom, like you do using a PBX or key system—without spending an arm and a leg. A KSU-less is easier, too. It eliminates the need for the centralized unit that larger systems require; it builds the technology into each individual phone instead.

Our KSU-less phones manage up to 4 lines, 16 extensions. Setup is fairly simple (without installation fees or service calls). Connect phones at the wall via existing RJ-14 or RJ-11 jacks. (We recommend twisted-pair wiring, in a line series or loop configuration.) Now, this may sound pretty confusing, so please e-mail us at xpressit@hellodirect.com. We'll help!

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