Phone company I really need them?

Yes! They help you make the most of your time...and give your business the professional look and feel of a larger company, too. Caller ID service, for example, along with a Caller ID box or Caller ID phone, displays your caller's number before you pick up. Caller ID/Call Waiting gives you additional convenience: it lets you see who's calling while you're already on the line.

One of the newest services, Caller ID/Call Waiting with Disposition, affords even more call-handling capability. It allows you to either accept the Call Waiting call (or arrange to talk later), put it on hold while you finish up with caller #1, send the call directly to voice mail, or bring it into your existing conversation for a 3-way conference.

Voice mail service records messages when you're on the phone or away from it, and stores them in a password-protected mailbox. To retrieve messages, simply pick up the phone. Hear a "stutter" dialtone? You've got mail!

Order one of our voice mail indicators and you won't even have to listen for the stutter. You'll see a message-waiting light flashing on your phone. Questions? E-mail us at We're happy to help.

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