The Technology Behind GN Netcom SoundTube Headsets

by Paul Wotel

Making the best of a better situation.
Maybe you're familiar with the "good, better, best" hierarchy that most companies use to position their products, solutions, or technologies. In the headset world, the same rating system applies when talking about professional-quality headset tops. Typically, the no-frills basic models make up the "good" tier. High-end, noise-canceling tops rank as the "best." In the "better" range, you'll find many styles, including tube-style headsets.

The technology behind these headsets has been around for 3 decades and not much has changed—till now. With the introduction of GN Netcom's SoundTube headset technology, "better" just got…well…better.

Just what is "voice tube technology"?
A tube-style headset top is comprised of a headband, speaker, and a clear plastic tube. Sound waves travel up the tube and are absorbed by dampening material affixed to the omni-directional mic located within the earpiece. As simple as it sounds, it actually works rather well. The trade-off has typically been a price tag lower than that of noise-canceling units.

Enter SoundTube.
The unique design of the GN Netcom SoundTube delivers strong and consistent sound waves through the metal alloy tube to the mic where they terminate precisely at the microphone every time.

The SoundTube's thin, alloy tube is engineered to eliminate standing waves, non-traveling vibrations of certain wavelength and frequency which occur on a medium of certain size. Standing waves simply resonate inside old-fashioned plastic tubes creating a murky acoustic environment through which your voice must travel to the mic. Not with SoundTube, though. Thanks to the design of its unique alloy tube, your calls are clear and crisp.

Is the GN Netcom SoundTube noise-canceling?
No. A noise-canceling headset uses enhanced mic design and electronics as well as precise microphone positioning to eliminate background noise. Tube-style headsets (SoundTube included) can pick up the din of a busy office and transmit that to your caller. That's why these sets are not recommended for noisy environments. However, in a quiet setting, a SoundTube headset offers excellent sound and durability.