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Background noise You'll most often see this term when reading about noise-canceling microphones that filter out background noise. It refers to the everyday sounds that are all around you…people talking, papers shuffling, computer equipment buzzing, and so on. If your mic transmitted all those sounds along with your voice it would probably be hard for the person on the other end to hear what you were saying.
Backup files We recommend making copies of files that you've stored to a second medium (a CD or an e-mail server, for example) as a precaution, should the first medium fails. Anyone who has ever lost data knows it's well worth the time it takes to back up files regularly.
Band A specific range of frequencies in the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. In the United States, the FCC regulates bands to minimize interference. Each band is assigned a range of transmission frequencies. For example, very high frequency (VHF), which is used for television and radio (AM and FM) transmission, may exist only on frequencies ranging from 30 to 300 MHz (Megahertz).
Bandwidth 1) When used in reference to digital systems, bandwidth describes the amount of data that can be transmitted on a given path. The standard measurement in the digital transmission context is a multiple of bits per second. 2) In analog systems, bandwidth refers to the difference between the highest and lowest frequency state (number of cycles per second, or Hertz) used on any given signal within a band.
Belt Pack A cordless headset style comprising 2 mobile components: a cordless pack that transmits and receives radio signals (transceiver), and a lightweight headset top. The radio pack generally has a clip that attaches to a belt or pocket, and is also attached by a cord that runs to the headset top. This headset style contrasts with the all-in-one cordless headset that has an integrated transceiver in the headset top.
Binary A numbering scheme that only has 2 unique values: "0" and "1".
Binaural A headset style that has 2 speakers—1 for each ear. Because having both ears covered allows the user to more fully concentrate on the caller without being distracted, a binaural headset is especially useful in noisy environments.
Bit (binary digit) - In digital signals, a bit represents the smallest piece of information that can be transmitted and is represented by either a "1" or a "0". A string of eight bits is commonly called a byte.
Bits per Second (bps or b/s) - A measure of how many digital bits ("1" or "0") that may be sent in the space of one second. These will be seen most commonly in measurements Kbps (kilobits, or thousands of bits, per second), Mbps (megabits, or millions) or Gbps (gigabits, or billions).
Bluetooth A short-range radio specification that is used to network various electronic devices without wires. Bluetooth has been integrated into notebook computers, headsets, PDAs, and Local Area Networks (LANs) to enable interoperability, internet access, and resource sharing.
Boot The initial loading of a computer's operating system.
Bridge A device that connects 2 Local Area Networks (LANs). Unlike a router, a bridge is used only in a LAN, never on larger networks. Another difference: a router sends packets to a specified location, whereas a bridge sends it to all destinations simultaneously.
Broadband Any form of telecommunication that carries multiple channels over a single wired or wireless medium can be considered broadband. The term broadband is commonly used to describe high-speed access to multiple services, such as cable TV, telephone service, and data, that are transmitted simultaneously.
Browser A computer application that enables users to view and interact with information on the internet.
Bus In computer technology, a bus refers to a signal path that is shared by multiple devices or peripherals. Each device along the path only recognizes signals that are intended for that device, and effectively ignores any other signals along the path (see Universal Serial Bus).
Busy indicator or busy light This accessory makes it very easy for people to tell when you're on a call-even when you're using the most discreet headset. It lights up, so they can see at a glance that you're busy and on the phone. It's a way to prevent interrupting the headset user and it's helpful for the folks who monitor group phone activity. The indicator works whenever you're on the phone, with or without a headset.
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