GN Netcom 2110 SoundTube Single Headset


You want a headset for great sound, but not necessarily for great style. But what if you could have both—along with comfort and ease of use? If that combination sounds attractive, check out the GN Netcom 2110 SoundTube Single Headset. It represents the most significant advancement in voice tube technology in more than 30 years.

Technology simplified
The GN 2110 delivers excellent sound quality, conveying sound waves with exceptional clarity. Simply put, it's a slender tube of coated metal alloy that houses a microphone near the receiver. As your voice travels up the tube, the sound waves are damped and standing waves are eliminated, thereby giving you very, very clear voice transmission.

What this means to you and your caller is true, voice quality, which allows more pleasant phone transactions. I was astonished by the clarity in the earpiece. Callers said my voice was clear as well, and they appreciated the clear transmission.

Setting up
The design of the GN 2110 couldn't be more straightforward. It's an over-the-head design with a click-stop headband that snaps into position and adjusts easily. The earpiece has a very comfortable leatherette pad, and a replacement is included along with a rubber cover for those who prefer that style. There are no earpieces to change or adjust, so it's ready to go right out of the box.

The finest benefit of the GN 2110, however, is the boom. The rigid tube is set on a 2-way gimbal, which lets it swing up and down and toward or away from your mouth. Unlike a flexible boom, which may or may not hold its position well depending on the stiffness of the wire, the GN 2110's boom stays exactly where you put it. This is a tremendous plus because it eliminates the distraction of repositioning, and it's reassuring to know that the microphone is always where you want and need it to be.

The boom is capped at the end with a small black plastic bead, the only extra part that comes with the GN 2110. It fits the tube snugly, so it is unlikely to fall off, but five extras are included just in case.

The cable is set up with a Quick Disconnect feature, a snap attachment to your amplifier cord. It attaches and reattaches in a second. As you may already know, the QD allows you to step away from a call (to retrieve a file, for example) without actually terminating your conversation, and plug right back into the call when you return.

I don't think you can go wrong with the GN 2110 SoundTube Monaural Headset. It is comfortable and very easy to use, with a simple design and almost no small parts to fool with. Best of all, the GN 2110 SoundTube makes for pleasant, efficient sound transmission along with a great design that looks good and reliably performs the task for which it's intended.