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The GN Netcom 4150 Amplified Headset


Managers tend to realize that when their employees have hands-free headsets, they can be more efficient and get much more done then they would without them. As a result, headsets have become very popular productivity boosters in larger work environments. Unfortunately, because of the cost headset systems often entail, smaller companies with tighter budgets often choose not to invest in them.

Enter GN Netcom, with the introduction of the GN Netcom 4150 Amplified Headset. Able to work with digital or analog phone lines, the GN 4150 comes with an amplifier, a lightweight hands-free headset, and all the necessary cords.

All for just $99.99.

Setting it up

The GN Netcom 4150 amplifier should be connected between your phone's base and handset. All the cabling you need is provided, and the easy-to-follow instructions make the process a 1-minute affair. A compatibility selector on the side of the unit allows you to optimize the amplifier for your telephone system.

Perhaps the best thing about the physical setup, though, is that there is no AC adapter cord to worry about—all of the required power is supplied by 2 AA batteries (included). This means that you can place your amplifier almost anywhere while considerably reducing cable clutter. If you want even more room to work, you can mount the amplifier on your monitor with the included Dual Lockô strip. Then, assuming you have attached the (included) headset stand to the amplifier, all of the equipment is kept off of your desk.

Using your headset
To take an incoming call, all you have to do is pick up your handset and your call will be routed through the headset. While the line is engaged, the online indicator, found at the top of the amplifier, will slowly blink. If you choose to mute the call (via the integrated MUTE button) this light will blink at a slightly faster rate. By flipping the Headset/Handset toggle, you can also switch over to the handset for standard phone use.

The GN 4150 headset is convertible, meaning that you can wear it either over the ear or over the head. For the over-the-head setup, simply snap the earpiece into the headband and you're ready to go. The over-the-ear option requires you to insert a malleable earhook behind the speaker. Next, you adjust the earhook so it fits snugly around the back of your ear. Both wearing styles are very lightweight and comfortable.

Sound quality
The microphone boom swivels so you can optimize its position. You can also move the mic around to the opposite side, should you want the speaker on your other ear. The microphone itself is quite good, canceling out ambient noise while clarifying your voice.

Located on the back of the amplifier, there's a volume selector that lets you adjust the sound level of outgoing communications. You can also adjust the incoming sound, using either the volume wheel in the center of the unit or the bass/treble control on the side.

Multimedia capabilities
This headset includes a cord that connects your amp to your computer's sound card. From speech recognition software to straightforward recording, headsets can definitely improve the performance of quite a few multimedia applications. The 4150's amp is designed with a switch that allows you to toggle between regular phone use and computer use. Simply flip the switch to whichever feature you want. The amp will also let you combine telephone and computer options—should you want to record calls with your computer, or should you want to play back an audio file for your caller.

Final comments
Given the very low price, the GN Netcom 4150 supplies a surprising amount of extras. With this system, you can increase your efficiency, improve your multimedia capabilities, and free your hands. Not bad for $99.99!


What I Liked Best  
  • Low price
  • Compatibility with both analog and digital lines
  • Easy setup
  • Good sound quality
  • No AC cord required
  • Multimedia capabilities

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