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The GN Netcom 9050 2.4 GHz Wireless Amp


"I'll call you right back."

How many times have you uttered this promise? And to how many clients? You need to grab a file from down the hall. You have to ask a co-worker a question. You want a bagel before they're all gone. Interrupting a conversation doesn't seem like a big deal, but call-backs can waste a lot of time and money.

The easiest way to free yourself from unnecessary call-backs is to invest in a good wireless amplifier that connects to a headset. If you can walk away from your desk while you're talking on the phone, you can accomplish other tasks simultaneously. Most wireless amps, though, can set you back at least $400.

Recognizing this gap in the market, GN Netcom has introduced a high-quality affordable product: the GN Netcom 9050 2.4 GHz Wireless Amp. With a GN 9050 clipped to your belt, you can walk up to 150 feet away from your telephone and maintain conversations as if you haven't left your desk. You will be able to better serve your clients as you serve yourself a cup of coffee.

Setting up the GN 9050.

Setup of the GN 9050 is very easy, and an analog phone line is not required. The base station connects between a standard office phone and its handset. Simply plug your handset cord into the base station; connect the supplied phone cord between the base station and your office phone; and plug in the AC adapter. Then, after you've charged the NiMH battery and have plugged in your favorite GN Netcom or Hello Direct headset, you're ready to roam.


The best thing about this wireless amp is its simple design. Features are easy to access and kept to a minimum. The only settings you have to worry about are the volume control, a mute button, and the connect/disconnect button. If you purchase a GN Netcom remote handset lifter, the latter button will also activate this handset lifter so you don't have to be at your desk to pick up calls (or hang them up). On the back of the amp is a belt clip that moves freely and can be easily taken on and off.

On the base station there are a few more settings. A tone control allows you to optimize incoming sound and a transmit control lets you adjust the volume transmitted to your caller. A third switch lets you customize the GN 9050 so it works best with your phone.

Range and batteries
The GN 9050 uses the 2.4 GHz frequency for maximum clarity, security, and range. While on a call, you can walk up to 150 feet away from your desk. Overall, I found the range to provide decent clarity, whether I was beside the base station or more than 100 feet away. As with any cordless phone, be sure to position the base station away from your computer to avoid interference. (I understand, however, that GN Netcom's much higher-end Ellipse 2.4 GHz Wireless Amp delivers even better range, security, and battery performance. It too is available from Hello Direct.

There are two docking stations on the GN 9050's base station: one cradle for recharging the amp, and another place to charge a spare battery. The NiMH batteries are good for about 6 hours of talk time, so if you spend your entire day on the phone you might want to invest in a spare battery. Since it only takes 3 hours to recharge a battery and you can replace batteries without losing your caller, the batteries will allow you to talk for as long as you like without worry. One battery is included, and you can order spare batteries at $59.99 each.

Connect your favorite headset
Just about any headset with a 2.5 mm connector can be used with the GN 9050, including the full family of GN Netcom and Hello Direct corded headsets. Both the high-end brand GN Netcom and the value brand Hello Direct headsets feature noise-canceling microphones. Click here to see all the headsets compatible with the GN 9050.

Final comments
If you've never used a wireless amp before, you'll be surprised by how much more efficient you can be when you are freed from your desk. Price used to be a major deterrent to this freedom, but the GN 9050 now provides cordless convenience at a corded price. It's an exceptional deal.

What I Liked Best   What I Didn't Like
  • Price
  • Simple design
  • Ease of use
  • Range and security via 2.4 GHz technology
  • Spare battery charger

  • Base station must be located away from computer

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