GN Netcom ADDvantage® Plus Single Headset


It's designed for medium- to high-volume, fairly noisy offices, and it will deliver above and beyond expectations in those environments. But even if you work at home, or just want a headset for everyday home use, the ADDvantage Plus Single Headset (Item #6368) is a fantastic choice, thanks to great sound and comfort.

If the headset fits . . .
Somehow, GN Netcom has managed to combine metal with the ideal amount of strength, foam with optimal cushioning, and joints with the proper twist and resistance. Why can't all headsets be built like this?

The ADDvantage Plus passes all of my tests for fit: it adjusts easily, clicks solidly into place, and holds the desired position without slipping or sliding. The Stay-Put™ headband has the right amount of spring, allowing it to hold securely when you turn your head (it doesn't slip off down the back of your head, or pull away when the cord is taut), yet it stays comfortable through hours of wear. Finally, the gimbaled earpiece is covered with a slim layer of resilient foam that doesn't tire out your ear (the product information claims that the cushions "let your ears breathe while maintaining a tight sound seal," and I can happily verify that claim).

The ADDvantage Plus headset offers toughness along with comfort, thanks to its DuraFlex mic cable. The name says it all:DuraFlex™ is exceptionally durable and strong, not to mention flexible enough to bend into nearly any shape without kinking—it can withstand 47 lb. of pull and bend up to 6,000 times before it might even think about breaking! To position the boom, simply flip it up or down, or all the way over to switch ears. Or bend it into squiggles, just for kicks…

Can you hear me?
Yes, and with ease. There are many factors contributing to the ADDvantage's quality sound transmission, first of which is a noise-canceling microphone. It offers 12 dB reduction in background noise, letting your voice be heard over the office or call center din and thereby allowing more efficient communication. Should I repeat that? Nope, that's not necessary because the mic transmitted my voice clearly the first time.

The headset is equipped with GN Netcom's proprietary Voice-Switching technology—that is, the amplifier is. (I tried the product with the GN Netcom Universal Amplifier.) Simply stated, the headset amp does not transmit while you speak, but it does when you listen. Another way to look at this, I've been told: when you talk, the signal at the mic opens the transmit path on the amp—working almost like a "sleep" circuit. Using this analogy, transmission "sleeps" at the amp, until a signal from the microphone wakes it up again, to transmit your voice.

From the mic, your voice travels through the aforementioned DuraFlex cable, which, in addition to its ruggedness, suppresses outside radio frequencies and further shields external noise for clear transmission. All told, you hear callers better, they are less distracted by noise on your end of the line, and you conduct your transactions more efficiently.

Can I hear you?
Yes again. Well designed for its purpose, the ADDvantage Plus assures great sound quality for the wearer as well as for the caller. The earpiece is built with Pure Sound BroadBass™ and AccuBass speakers, ultra-wide bandwidth speakers made to transmit the human voice with clarity and accuracy under challenging (read: noisy) circumstances. In my testing, the TV and radio were blasting and I could still hear the people on the other end—it was great!

The design of the earpiece, the foam cushion, and the headset's overall fit combine with the speaker technology to provide the clarity of sound. In fact, not once during testing did I feel the need to press the earpiece closer to my head to get better sound.

The ADDvantage Plus headset top will also work with other GN Netcom amplifiers. One of these, the GN Netcom Multimedia Amplifier, can handle both PC and telephone calls. There is also a model that enables connections with 2-prong telephone connectors.

Between comfort, reliable fit, and the quality of incoming and outgoing sound, the ADDvantage Plus headset is a total winner! It's appropriate for any but the ultra-noisiest environments, in which the ADDvantage Plus Dual headset would be the model of choice.