GN Netcom Headsets, Plantronics Amps: a Better Headset System


Rebuild your headset system from the top
Who would have thought GN Netcom, one of the world's largest headset manufacturers, would make a headset that's compatible with the amplifier of its closest competitor? GN Netcom thought so. In fact, they pursued the idea. The result: top-of-the-line GN Netcom headsets for your Plantronics amplifiers. They decided early on that if the amplifier was still functional, consumers wouldn't have to replace their whole headset system, just part of it. That way, folks wouldn't have to spend more money than they wanted to, to get great sound and comfort out of their headset systems. Click here to see all the possibilities.

How'd they do that?
The integral component to make connectivity possible is the Upgrade Cord. The Upgrade Cord lets you plug right into a Plantronics amplifier. No extra cords or adapters are needed. Just simple plug-and-play technology at work.

The GN difference
GN Netcom headsets produce true-to-life sound quality. And to achieve that kind of sound, the headset speakers use a wide bandwidth—the range of audio frequencies a device or system can transmit—and high signal-to-noise ratios.

To better illustrate this, let's take a look at an example. AT&T's TrueVoice Network operates from 120-3500 Hz. The wider the bandwidth, the better the bass, the cleaner the treble, and more true-to-life sound you'll get. According to GN Netcom, other headsets may use as little as 41% of this bandwidth, which results in calls that sound tinny, flat, and ultimately, unprofessional. GN Netcom headsets utilize a whopping 96% of the AT&T TrueVoice bandwidth, to give you excellent true-to-life sound quality.

Picking up the slack
But what happens to the warranty on your Plantronics equipment? GN Netcom promises to cover you by honoring the existing warranty of the Plantronics amplifier. If a problem arises with the Plantronics amp, GN Netcom will either repair or replace it. GN Netcom has come up with a good idea. Upgrade to one of their best-sounding headsets without throwing out your entire system.

What about a Plantronics amp that's out of warranty?
If GN Netcom determines there's a problem with the amplifier because of the GN headset, then they'll replace it with a GN amp at the existing repair/replace rates.

GN Netcom seems to be going out of their way to satisfy consumers. And it sounds like they've got the bases covered.

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