JABRA® EarBoom™ Cellular Headset


It's not required by law in every state...yet. But common sense demands that you get a cellular headset. It frees your neck, frees your hands, and frees your mind to think about more important things like safe lane changes. A compact over-the-ear headset is even better—it only uses half of your head. Seriously though, an over-the-ear set is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to wear, and it won't mess up your hair. The EarBoom is a perfect example.

People-friendly packaging
When you get your EarBoom, you'll be able to start using it right away: you can actually open the packaging with your bare hands. Unlike most plastic packages these days, no tools, simple or complex, are required. What a great innovation on JABRA's part!

Speak and be heard
The compact microphone rests near your cheekbone, but it does a great job of picking up your voice when at normal volume. The mic transmits clearly, without the "hollow" sound that many faraway microphones can create, yet is so small that it stays out of the way. It's amazing that a tiny mic so far from your mouth can pick up normal conversation, but it can. At any rate, the small size also allows you to stash the mic in your purse or pocket along with your phone. The flexible boom lets you position the mic wherever it works best for you or your listener.

Ear candy
The EarBoom comes with 3 sets of EarGels®, JABRA's rubber earpiece covers, 2 each of 3 sizes, in candy colors (aqua = small, royal = medium, black = large). It's easy to choose the most comfortable size for your left or right ear; the gels slip easily onto the earpiece and stay there with a snug grip.

EarGels are very comfortable because the rubber is soft, pliable, and ergonomically shaped; I wore mine for long periods without discomfort. The rubber lets you pick up sirens, car horns, and other important external sounds, enhancing safety. EarGels are also washable, so they're more hygienic than other earpiece styles.

Another great quality of the EarGels is that they keep your conversations private (at least the half that you're listening to). They keep the earphone sound neatly contained in your ear, so passengers in your car or co-workers at your meeting can't hear what you hear. This focused sound delivery also makes it easy to hear your caller when you're driving or in a noisy environment.

Other features
A 4-foot cord connects the headset and the plug, so there's plenty of cord for easy movement, even when the phone is plugged into the AC adapter or cigarette lighter. Extra cord can be bunched up and tied with the attached clothing clip.

The JABRA EarBoom uses a 2.5 mm stereo phone plug, which some cell phones take directly; for those that don't, a 2-pronged adapter is available separately.

The EarBoom is lightweight, super-easy to use, comfortable, and has good incoming and outgoing sound quality. It's an excellent choice for those who like to have an external (rather than a built-in) microphone.