JABRA® EarBoom™ Winder Headset—2.5 mm


You want to be safe, so you talk hands free while you drive. But when you reach for your headset, you don't want to find a tangled mess of cord. That wouldn't be safe—or convenient. The JABRA EarBoom Winder headset, available from Hello Direct, is the solution. Along with great sound, simple setup, and a comfortable earpiece, it has a built-in one-touch retractor that keeps the headset's cord neat, organized, and kink free.

Now you can access your headset without struggling with the cord. The EarBoom Winder headset clips to your belt, pocket, or purse, so you'll always have it handy.

A great gizmo
A variation on the JABRA EarBoom , this model adds an awesome little gadget called the Winder, which is worth its weight in gold. It's built into the headset, so the cord efficiently retracts from its safe housing in a kind of ratcheting action, while keeping its length without pulling at your ear. It then cleanly winds itself back into its cover, without twisting or tangling.

The EarBoom Winder headset top (I tried the one with a 2.5 mm connector JABRA EarBoom™ Winder Headset; a second version is available for connection to Nokia 3000/8000 series phones; and there are custom-fit models for Ericsson and Samsung phones, as well), is super-easy to use. Just pull the cord and the Winder locks it at the length you choose; for storage, push the button and the cord retracts instantly. Done!

There are so many ways that the Winder makes cell phone use safer and more convenient than ever. Take this everyday occurrence: the phone rings and you reach for your headset, but instead you get a handful of knotted or disorganized cord that won't cooperate. You try to put the headset on anyway, but the cable has become so short because of the tangles that the phone hangs just below your chin. Now, if you haven't done so already, you have to pull over to the side of the road to get things organized. Or, perhaps you miss the call altogether because you can't answer it in time.

But if you've got the EarBoom Winder, this doesn't have to happen.

Another example
Say you're getting out of the car for a meeting or errands, and you want to take your headset with you. But if you stash a long, loose cord in your purse or briefcase, it's likely to get wrapped around your pens, pager, key chain, zippers, and pockets—at that point, it's impossible to untangle it in time to answer the phone. If only you had the EarBoom Winder! One push of the button would have prevented all that mess, inconvenience, and irritation.

During a call, the Winder's light locking feature holds the cord to the desired length until you pull on it again, so there's no extra cord getting in your way. The lock also lets you use the headset with the degree of tension or slack you're comfortable with. The attached belt clip offers even more control and is perfect for walking and talking as well.

The Winder keeps the headset cable neatly looped inside a solid housing. This prevents kinks and knots, which can strain the cord and shorten its life span, and also protects the cord from accidentally getting caught or pinched—something that easily happens with a loose cord or cable. In addition, the Winder has a headset clip on top for the EarBoom headset itself; with one light snap, it's clipped to the Winder, eliminating accidental pulling on the cord and keeping everything in place.

Okay, I am gushing about the Winder. But rightly so! This little gizmo is nothing short of fantastic.

An excellent value
I've used a JABRA headset with my cell phone for years and have always been happy with it. I've also tested quite a few JABRA products and, in my experience, three words describe them: quality, comfort, and convenience. The EarBoom Winder is no exception.

The EarBoom portion (the actual headset piece) is built to last; it's super-durable. Constructed as one molded piece, it has no joints or connectors that can wear out. With its compact size and light weight, it's also easy to wear for long periods. It comes with 6 soft rubber EarGels® (small, medium, and large sizes, shaped for the left and right ears) that are easy to attach; they stay put but don't lock on, so use care when taking the earpiece out of your ear to avoid detaching the EarGel.

The 2-inch boom flexes into position but is rigid enough to stay put and withstand frequent repositioning. It supports a foam-covered mic; if you should lose the foam cover, the mic is nicely designed and can work on its own. The sound quality is great, both incoming and outgoing. Of course, as with any headset, the quality of the sound depends on the strength of the signal.

It comes with instructions, but the EarBoom Winder is so simple it's virtually self-explanatory. It goes to work right out of the box, bringing you convenience and comfort from the start.

The EarBoom Winder has a 2.5 mm jack that ensures an easy fit with most cell phone models. It also comes in custom-connect versions for Nokia, Ericsson, and Samsung phones.

You just can't beat JABRA products—including the EarBoom Winder—for sheer value. In addition to the versatile comfort of the patented EarGels, durable construction, and excellent sound quality, it gives you the supreme convenience of the Winder. Just think—no more tangles!