JABRA® 2WayBoom™ Headset


For quick communication, nothing beats a 2-way radio. There's no dialing, no ringing, no cellular minutes—just you and someone else talking. Two-way radios are incredibly handy at work, for visiting amusement parks with the kids, on hikes and camping trips, even for intercom-style communication at home. Stunningly, there's a way to make them even more efficient and productive: a headset. You can hear exceptionally well, and with push-to-talk (PTT), you can talk completely hands free.

I tried this headset, the JABRA 2WayBoom, with a Motorola T6400, and really liked the sound and the convenient one-touch choice between voice activation (VOX) and PTT.

Design, construction, comfort—wow.
Like all JABRA headsets, the 2WayBoom has a streamlined design that includes only the functions you need. A one-piece unit that is sturdily built of tough, hard plastic, it's a reliable choice for indoor and outdoor use.

The noise-canceling mic picks up your voice easily. I tried it while hiking in the mountains on a windy day, and everything went fine. But it can be an issue in VOX mode—the mic has to be able to pick up your voice in order to send it, and wind noise can interfere—so the package includes 3 foam "socks" that you can slip over the mic to prevent wind noise, when necessary. (JABRA also recommends switching to PTT mode in extremely windy conditions.) The mic sits at the end of a short, flexible boom, which is easy to adjust and doesn't get in the way; in fact, you hardly notice it at all.

The headset comes with 3 sets of EarGels®, JABRA's patented earpiece covers in 3 sizes each for right and left ears. EarGels are fantastically comfortable, and I swear by them on my cellular headset. Molded of soft, flexible rubber, they're wearable for long periods of time, the 3 sizes assure a stable fit, and the left/right option lets you switch ears—just like your audiologist wants you to do.

The 4-foot cord allows plenty of freedom of movement, but is still a manageable length; it comes with a plastic clip that's smoothly molded to grip firmly without biting a hole in your clothes.

The old switcheroo.
Compatible with most Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) radios, the 2WayBoom makes just about any 2-way radio even more convenient and easy to use. Rather than carrying the radio in your hand and holding it to your mouth to talk, you can put the radio and headset into VOX mode and start talking—the sound of your voice tells the radio to transmit the call. In addition, a headset makes your radio conversations much more private than when they're broadcast over the speaker, which can be important when you're on the job or sending secret messages.

The VOX/PTT switch is right on the headset cord, within easy reach, and a quick flip changes the mode. You still have to reset the radio itself into VOX or PTT, so it's not an entirely one-touch operation, but it's still pretty darned easy.

The 2WayBoom has a 2.5 mm jack and is compatible with most FRS and GMRS 2-way radios.

Durable construction, clear sound, the comfort of EarGels, and one-touch VOX/PTT switching that makes your 2-way radio even more useful—the 2WayBoom is an excellent choice for work or fun, indoors and out.