JABRA® EarSet® One-Piece Headset


Want to be a good driver? Keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel, and a headset plugged into your cell phone. It's not only safer to use a headset in the car, it makes it easier to talk while turning around to look before changing lanes, while parallel parking, and while fiddling with the stereo. And if your cellular headset is actually an earpiece/microphone all in one, things go even more smoothly.

Packaged for humans
The first good thing I experienced with the EarSet was the packaging: I could actually open it with my bare hands! No scissors, no screwdriver, no screaming in frustration. Oh happy day!

It takes some getting used to
The next good (really good) thing about the EarSet is that the microphone is built into the earpiece. If you look closely, you can see the tiny rectangular holes where sound goes in; you'd never think such a tiny mic would pick out your voice over car engine, wind, and weather noise, but it does. Speak at a normal level and the person you're talking to gets clear, consistent sound without buzzing, humming, or feedback. In fact, getting used to speaking into thin air is the only difficulty I had with the EarSet—but I must admit that it's amusing when people think you're talking out loud to yourself while driving. They give you lots of extra space. The hidden microphone also means there's nothing to adjust because the microphone has only one position.

Jellybeans for your ears
Well, not exactly. But the 3 sets of EarGels® (rubber earpiece covers) that come with this headset do look a little like Easter candy. Included are 2 each of 3 sizes, in 3 jellybean colors (pink = small, yellow = medium, green = large). Choose the most comfortable size for your left or right ear; all slip easily onto the earpiece. The bright colors take you beyond basic black and make sizes easy to identify.

The EarGels are very comfortable because the rubber is soft, pliable, and ergonomically shaped; you can wear them for long periods without your ear tiring out or getting sore. The rubber does not block the ear canal, so you can still pick up sirens, car horns, and other important external sounds—safety first, after all. EarGels are also washable, a hygienic advantage over other earpiece styles I've tried.

Another great quality of the EarGels is that they keep your conversations private (at least the half that you're listening to). They keep the earphone sound neatly contained in your ear, so the passenger in your car or the co-workers at your meeting can't hear what you're hearing. This focused sound delivery also makes it easy to hear your caller when you're driving or in a noisy environment.

The only drawback to the EarGels is that they can separate from the earpiece/mic if you're not careful, because the gel isn't secured to the earpiece by anything but its own snug fit. If the gel falls onto the floor of the car, it might get lost somehow—so by all means keep an eye on it.

Stretch out with a long cord
A 4-foot cord connects the earpiece/mic to the jack, so there's plenty of cord for easy movement, even when the phone is plugged into the AC adapter or cigarette lighter.

Getting the right EarSet for your phone is easy. The EarSet can be used with most major cell phone brands and models.

Keep in mind that JABRA configures headsets 3 ways:

  • with a 2.5 mm plug
  • with an in-package adapter that connects to the phone and provides a 2.5 mm jack for the included headset
  • with an integrated inline adapter that connects the headset directly to the phone*

The EarSet makes it easy to do 2 things at once—if those 2 things are driving and talking on the cell phone, that is. The EarSet is lightweight, super-easy to use, comfortable, and has great incoming and outgoing sound quality. You may have to do a little babysitting with the EarGels so they don't get lost, but that seems like a small price to pay for the EarSet's many attributes. This is a great low-cost headset.


*Hello Direct also has adapters for certain cellular phones if you do not want to buy a headset with an inline adapter. In this case, you would buy a headset with a 2.5 mm plug and a separate adapter. This would allow you to use the headset with other phones.