Hello Direct Ultralight® OP Single Headset with Pro Amp


Lightweight, comfortable, easy to use, and clear as a bell—telecom solutions don't come any simpler than this one. Whether you're new to headsets or already a dedicated user, the Hello Direct Ultralight OP has the practical features that get the job done, and a price that makes it a great value.

Get freedom, comfort
There are so many benefits to using a headset: Your neck is free to move in comfort, and your back, fully aligned, can comfortably support you. Your hands are free for taking notes, typing, or gesturing freely, if that's your thing. Your body is free to stand and move comfortably during calls. And no matter what, the phone is right where you need it—where you can use it.

Tipping the scales at a mere 2.1 oz., the Ultralight OP, deserves its name. And lightness is one of the qualities that make it so comfortable. Other comfort features are 2 interchangeable earpiece covers (one made of softly padded leatherette, the other of springy foam) and a lightly gripping headpiece that stays steady with just the slightest touch on your ear.

The click-stop headpiece holds the position you set for it. It also has a thoughtfully designed grip, which steadies the side of the headset just above your ear. The grip is made of soft, bendable rubber with tiny textured knobs; the rubber's softness makes it extra comfortable while the little knobs offer a gentle hold. It's a nice touch, considering that most of the headsets I've tried (including the one I use at home) have grips made of hard plastic, and not all are padded.

Take a listen
You'll like what you hear. The sound is crystal clear, without any distortion, echo, or hollowness. I called all my usual headset-testing helpers (the folks I trust to tell me how a headset or phone sounds on the receiving end), and each one of them said that the Ultralight OP sounded excellent: clear, warm, and true to my voice.

Contributing to the sound quality is the noise-canceling microphone, which transmits only your voice, filtering out the office sounds around you. The microphone is covered in soft foam for protection against dust and dirt, and it sits at the end of a flexible boom that can be bent up, down, sideways and into circles, then come out without a wrinkle. The headpiece is made of a similar material, so it, too, will withstand all kinds of wear, tear, and bending.

Of course, the amplifier contributes greatly to the sound of your headset. I tested the Ultralight OP Single with the Hello Direct Pro amp, which has excellent sound and, like the headset, it's easy to set up and use. (It even comes with Quick Set-Up instructions attached with a sticky note! An in-depth instruction booklet is included, too.) This basic amp has easy-to-reach dials for adjusting incoming and outgoing volumes, a mute button, and a headset/handset switch.

A cellular option, too
The Ultralight OP Single headset is also available with a 2.5 mm plug, so you can enjoy its benefits with your cell phone. The headset that may have come with your cell phone is likely not to be (or sound) anywhere near as good as the Ultralight OP, so this should be great news for cellular users.

Over all
Headsets offer an efficient, comfortable, and ergonomic way to work, and the Ultralight OP Single is no exception. For work or home, it has all the basic features, along with sound quality you'd expect from a much pricier unit. So if you're looking for comfort, reliability, ease of use, and good value, this is the headset for you.