Hello Direct Virtuoso Multimedia Headset System


A single headset for phone and PC applications
Advanced computer-based voice applications are increasing the demand for quality PC headsets. Often a PC sound system is well suited for music, but is inadequate for any other sound application. In addition, with computers playing a greater role in telephony applications, there is greater demand for seamless integration between PC and telephone headsets. The Hello Direct VirtuosoTM was designed to solve this problem. This new headset amplifier is multimedia capable to seamlessly integrate your telephone with multimedia devices including your PC, tape recorders, CD players, and virtually any other sound source.

One headset for everything
Hello Direct headsets are designed with noise-canceling microphones and high-quality speakers for hands-free telephony. These headsets are also ideal for computer-based audio applications, such as speech recognition and internet telephony. Older "switching" headset amplifiers included a 2-position switch letting you alternate your headset between your PC and your telephone. The new Hello Direct Virtuoso multimedia amplifier additionally supports a third class of applications: simultaneous phone and multimedia connections.

The Virtuoso Multimedia Headset System includes a sophisticated telephone headset amplifier and a multimedia adapter switch. The 3-position switch controls the connection to a second audio device, such as a PC, recorder, or CD player. It lets you adapt your headset to a wide range of tasks with a flip of a switch. In the first position, the headset is connected to a multimedia device such as a PC for speech recognition, internet telephony, or multimedia training applications. In the second position, the headset is connected to the telephone, allowing you to use your headset for normal phone calls. Additionally, the telephone conversation can be sent to the multimedia device, for example, where you can record it. In the third position, your headset is still connected to the phone, but the Virtuoso adds your multimedia device's audio output to the phone conversation so you can listen together. You can do all this without having to invest in separate headsets for your telephone and PC.

New applications with the Virtuoso
Virtuoso's ability to unite the telephone with multimedia devices offers new applications not possible with older switching amplifiers. For example, while you are on the telephone, you can record your conversation on your PC (or any tape recorder) for later review. Or, you might have a PC-based audio file demonstrating a new product that you would like to play for a customer. With Virtuoso, the two of you can listen together and then follow up when the recording is over—a nice touch for better customer service.

What are the typical applications for a multimedia headset system?
Speech recognition.
The latest speech recognition software products, such as IBM's ViaVoice™, Philips' FreeSpeech, and L&H's Voice Xpress (they also purchased Dragon Systems with their popular NaturallySpeaking product), have finally made continuous speech recognition practical for a wide range of applications. With speech recognition you can dictate text and control PC software by voice, without having to touch the keyboard or mouse. This frees your hands for other tasks, and reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries. Speech recognition also makes computers more accessible to the disabled.

Speech recognition programs require high-quality noise-canceling microphones for optimum speech recognition accuracy. Many PCs come with a microphone and speakers, which are sufficient for sound output and some sound recording, but not for accurate speech recognition. Therefore, a noise-canceling microphone is usually included when you purchase speech recognition software. Now, instead of requiring a separate mic or a dedicated mic headset for speech recognition applications, the Hello Direct Virtuoso lets you use a single headset for all your needs, switching on the fly from phone to PC.

Internet telephony. Various PC-based applications, such as internet telephony and teleconferencing, allow people to communicate by voice over the internet. For example, you could set up a web-based conference using Microsoft's NetMeeting, speaking to the participants over the internet, through their PCs. Internet-based telephony and teleconferencing can save on telephone and travel costs.

As with speech recognition, you will need the best possible sound input device to provide the best sound quality. A regular PC speaker and microphone can be disastrous during an internet phone call. The microphone picks up the speaker output, causing an echo or even howling. Ordinary PC microphones pick up ambient sounds that can make it impossible to understand the participants. For the best internet telephony voice quality, you'll need a headset with a noise-canceling microphone and a high-quality speaker.

Computer-based multimedia. The standard PC is a multimedia machine. The multimedia component in PC-based applications increases productivity. Using a PC, it's now possible to play educational recordings or movies, record conversations, or manage your voice mail. These multimedia applications call for a headset with high-quality speakers that is comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods of time. Hello Direct offers a selection of six different styles of professional quality headsets so that you can choose the style that best fits your personal preferences.

Multimedia and telephone integration with Virtuoso
Many PC-based multimedia applications require noise-canceling microphones and high-quality speakers. The Hello Direct Virtuoso with Multiplier connects the same headset to your telephone and PC or other audio device, at the same time. This eliminates the cost and clutter of separate headsets for different audio devices, seamlessly integrating telephony and multimedia applications. The Hello Direct Virtuoso is a versatile multimedia headset system that lets you use a single headset for all your telephony and multimedia needs.