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The Cleartalk Wireless Headset


Cordless telephones have become very popular in office settings. Once you clip one onto your belt, you can walk into another office or down the hall without worrying about missing a call. Most people who have a cordless phone clipped to their belt use a headset as well to keep their hands free. Unfortunately, the accompanying cords, despite clothing clips, often get in the way.

A new product from GoldLantern offers to eliminate this annoyance. Able to be connected to any type of phone with a 2.5 mm headset jack, the Cleartalk Wireless Headset frees both of your hands while eliminating irritating cords.

There isn't much setup to speak of. After charging the batteries in the supplied charger, you just need to insert one into the earpiece and one into the transceiver. Then just plug the transceiver into your phone's 2.5 mm headset jack* and put the earpiece into your ear. The lightweight transceiver is only 1.5" x 3" in size and can be clipped to your belt alongside your phone. Meanwhile, the earpiece is also lightweight and comfortable to wear. Its malleable earhook allows you to adjust the unit for optimal comfort and positioning.

Though marketed for cordless phone use, the Cleartalk can be used with any phone that has a 2.5 mm headset jack. So when you leave the office, you can unplug the transceiver from your cordless phone and plug it into your mobile phone. Either way, you can field your calls while you walk around—hands free.

After you have plugged in the Cleartalk's transceiver and put on the earpiece, you can answer the phone as you normally would. Once the call is engaged, the earpiece will automatically shift from standby to operational mode. At this point all communications are routed through the earpiece. If you want to mute the earpiece, you can simply press the on/off button that is situated in its center. This button is easy to locate, as it's the only one on the unit. This same button can also be used to increase or decrease volume during a call.

If you leave the earpiece on after a call, it will automatically shift to standby mode after 30 seconds of silence. The one drawback to the Cleartalk is that there is no ON/OFF switch on the Cleartalk itself— your batteries will slowly drain when you're not using the device. As such, it's best to put the batteries back into the charger at the end of the day.

To avoid interference, the Cleartalk automatically scans channels and can use up to 65,000 address codes for transmissions. If you want to unclip your bulky cordless phone from your belt (or if you are using the Cleartalk with a regular phone), you should be able to walk about 15 feet away from the transceiver before a slight hiss will signal that you are getting out of range.

The charger holds 2 lithium-ion batteries, one for the transceiver and one for the earpiece. Because each battery is in its own housing, it easily slides into any of the devices. Both batteries can be charged simultaneously by connecting the charger to an electrical source with the AC transformer or the car adapter. When the batteries are charged, the LED on the charger will turn green. As for use, each battery can last for 2 to 3 days on standby or about 2 hours of talk time before recharging is required. When the batteries are low, you will hear warning beeps. After these beeps, you will have about 2 minutes to wrap up your conversation or shift to regular cell phone use.

Final thoughts
This very simple device can save you a lot of hassles. If you work mostly at your desk, you can unclip your cordless phone and not worry about it jabbing you in the ribs every time you get up or down. And when you're on the phone, you can keep both of your hands free—without having to worry about wires getting in the way. Finally, when you leave the office, you can use the Cleartalk with your mobile phone.

What I Liked Best   What I Didn't Like
  • Easy setup
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Works with cordless and mobile phones
  • Hands- and cord-free operation
  • Car adapter
  • No on/off switch on transceiver

*If your phone has a different type of headset jack, you'll need to purchase a 2.5 mm adapter.
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